August 29th
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I lost time. I blacked out while I was writing my last entry. When I came to, the sun was setting. I was out of my car, which was now parked on the grass near the lake, down the street from Jake’s abandoned house.

I was standing near the edge of the water, my feet sinking into the soft ground. There were no sounds, not from birds or even the lapping of water. I didn’t want to be caught outside at night, so I ran to my car and drove. I headed back to the main road, and found a diner that’s open all night. Thank fucking god for New Jersey.

Why did I black out? Am I just exhausted? Is this what passes for sleep for me now?

Or did they put me to sleep? I drove and walked while I was unconscious. Did they make me to it all? Can they control me now?...

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