August 5th
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I’m still not getting to bed at a reasonable time. At least, that’s what Nina tells me. She’s been saying it constantly for like a week. But I’m only staying up like an hour or so later than usual. It’s really no big deal. Why does she have to make it a big deal?

I keep telling her I’m trying to get to sleep. But she doesn’t seem to believe me. I’ve never had a problem falling asleep. I guess the break in routine is bothering her. She likes consistency. Maybe a bit too much.

So really, I am, in fact, getting to bed at her precious reasonable time. I’m just not falling asleep. Just laying there staring at the ceiling. I’m not sure why. Work has been pissing me off, but would that be enough to keep me up? I don’t feel stressed ou...

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Table of Contents

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