CHAPTER 17 (3)
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had just barely touched my skin, maybe even collecting a dab of blood.

     “Whoa! Too far, too far!”

But my voice couldn’t breach the deafening screech of the wounded Zippermouth. I felt water immediately start to rush into my suit. I let go of the injured creature and plugged the hole with both hands. The wounded predator shivered in pain while it screeched. 

Jess. I turned around expecting the worst. I'd barely survived my first encounter with a Zippermouth. And just now, it took two of us to conquer it. But to my relief, I found the other Zippermouth belly up in the water. Jess ripped her knife out from one of the dozens of holes peppered across the beast’s soft underbelly. I watched in amazement as the Zippermouth, which now lo...

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