5.) Dagan-Kai Generals
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Alexx sat down to take a break, but he was interrupted by another explosion at the top of the tower. A figure dove from the opening, it slowly appeared to be Trandin, as well as another figure with black hair and a purple robe. There were tattoos on his face, stripes on his cheeks and lines painted under his eyes. A giant metal needle-like weapon hovered around him. It moved freely without being held as it parried and attacked Trandin, as if it had a mind of its own. Alexx assumed the cloaked man was using some form of Energy to manipulate the weapon. He looked to see Trandin in a deep trance; eyes intently focused on his target, breathe steady, and sweat sliding down his face. As the enemies’ weapon moved sporadically, Trandin followed in kind. The level of focus he needed to keep up with the object w...

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