2.) The Holy Land
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Alexx smirked cocky and confident; Kryll’s disgusted face was evidence enough.

“This is precisely why I was to follow you.” Kryll barked, “Lord Senkazital will be very displeased to hear that you tried to escape with his possessions. I am going to separate your legs from your body so you will not run anywhere!”

“You sure Senkazital will let you do that?”

“He’ll put you together somehow.”

Kryll took a step toward Alexx, “Tell Senkazital that it was a mistake to trust a pirate, and he should have let me be eaten when he had the chance!” He said without flinching.

“You wretched human! How dare you mock the grace my lord has given you. By his hand, you are not like these monks!”

“Let’s get going, Alex...

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