Chapter 10: Deprivation (1973) (6)
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Still fuming from his encounter with Holybear, Grady knocked on one of Moon House’s seemingly innumerable non-descript doors, found along its equally non-descript corridors.

“Come in,” came a saccharine, sing-song invitation from the other side.

Pushing through the door, Grady left behind the normal utilitarian realm of Moon House, and stepped into another world. The small room he entered might have been transplanted from Graceland. The floor was covered in plush green carpet that simulated grass. The cold metal walls were hidden by zebra-print coverings. A white-painted dresser, wardrobe, and vanity stood sentinel. The centerpiece of the fantastical room was a heart-shaped bed, draped in red silk sheets and covered with ample matching pillows.

Jenny sat on the bed, grin...

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