Chapter 10: Deprivation (1973) (5)
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Grady was hunting for Michaels in Moon House’s hallways when he ran into Holybear.

“Howdy, Tonto,” Grady said.

Holybear stood unnaturally motionless as he stared down his partner.

Grady pointed at Holybear’s wet hair and asked, “You just get outta the shower?”

“Where are you headed?” Holybear asked.

“Eh, just bored, lookin’ for some security rubes to sucker into a poker game, maybe.”

Holybear raised an eyebrow. “Really?”

“Sure thing! Nothin’ else to do in this dungeon at the moment. You want in?”

Holybear’s eyebrow remained raised.

“Right, that’s a no. Oh well, your loss.” Grady moved to walk past his partner.


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