Chapter 10: Deprivation (1973) (3)
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Whenever he went into the float tank room, Holybear would shut the door behind him and stand perfectly still for a few quiet moments. He relished the initial seconds when he walked into the chamber. It was the overture to a deeper peace, and he always took time to let his anticipation build. He savored motionlessness and the observation of the processes of his body: beating heart, breathing lungs, relaxed muscles.

Then, this initial ritual done, he slid off his jacket and hung it neatly on a wall hook. As he worked on the buttons of his shirt, Holybear wondered once again how anyone could function without the blessed release of the deprivation tanks. Once again, he gave thanks to their inventor, John Lilly.

Let the opiated masses have Timothy Leary, the LSD-soaked fool. Lilly gav...

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