Chapter 10: Deprivation (1973) (1)
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Darkness had become her entire world.

She woke up to it, and fell asleep in it. It had erased all time and meaning. She had no idea how long she’d been in the pitch black.

Has it been a few days? A week? Longer?

“Steve?” she croaked. The sound of her dry, cracked voice no longer shocked her. She didn’t know why she kept on trying to call out to him. He obviously wasn’t there in the darkness with her.

What did they do to him?

Angie no longer believed she would see Steve again. Initially, she’d clung to hope. But that had frayed and ripped as if she had actually dug her fingernails into it. It hadn’t taken long for the blackness to swallow the last tatters of hope completely.

Now her only expectatio...

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