Chapter 9: Unclothed Dinner (1997) (8)
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“Whoa, take it easy!” Charles heard Grady shout. He felt the older man’s hands grip his clothes, but Charles continued to tilt toward the pit. Grady cursed and grunted. Charles felt himself lifted into the air, then the wind was knocked out of him as he slammed into solid earth.

Charles struggled to breathe. Through tear-filled eyes, he saw Grady sprawled on the ground, laughing up at the cold blue sky.

“You’re lucky I watch so much WWF, kid! I just saved you with a suplex! Ah, my fuckin’ back! I don’t know how Flair does it! Woo!”

Charles slowed his breathing, sucked in precious air, wiped at his eyes. That’s when he realized Grady wasn’t holding a gun anymore. As the other man began to slowly get to his feet, Charles loo...

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