Chapter 9: Unclothed Dinner (1997) (7)
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When Charles came to, he saw pink, filigreed with delicate branching traceries. Then, he realized he was seeing the insides of his eyelids. He made the mistake of opening them. Daylight stabbed into his retinas before he could squeeze his lids shut again.

Charles moaned and writhed. Through the pain cracking open his skull something within him realized he was laying in the dirt. Rocks bit into his back through his shirt. He rolled onto his stomach so he could bury his face in the ground, so the asshole sun wouldn’t blind him again.

“I’m sorry, I made a mistake,” he heard Grady say.

FUCK YOU, Charles thought. He clenched his teeth, and he crunched on dirt particles. His hands didn’t seem to work as he struggled to push himself up. He knew the su...

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