Chapter 9: Unclothed Dinner (1997) (6)
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Charles squeezed his eyes shut so hard it made white flares flash across the darkness behind his lids. He had migrated into full sobbing when he heard the creak of Grady getting up and felt the other man’s hand grab his forearm and yank him to his feet.

Charles couldn’t bear to open his eyes. He dragged his feet to try and avoid a “death by cop” that seemed inevitable. How else could things turn out, traveling with a psychopath?

“Evening, officers!” He heard Grady say cheerfully. Charles’s guts felt like they dropped out of his abdomen.

“What’s wrong with him?” one of the cops asked.

“Oh, he’s my nephew,” Grady said, sounding convincingly sad. “Had to break some bad news to him. His mother died t...

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