Chapter 8: Trouble in a Bottle (1953) (3)
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We put trouble in a bottle, Grady thought as he watched the men in the room. The bottle in question was one of two on a table in the middle of the room, around which chairs had been arranged. Grady watched from a corner of the cabin’s common room as the Special Operations Division and CIA men settled in for drinks and conversation. Grady was the only security presence in the room. The three others on detail, all under his command, were outside watching the door and walking the perimeter.

The men around the table were joking and laughing, lighting up cigarettes. All except one, the one named Frank Olson. He’d been moping around for the last two days since the group arrived. Even now, he kept glancing at his watch, his frown deepening each time.

“Have a hot d...

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