Chapter 8: Trouble in a Bottle (1953) (2)
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Gottlieb had given him on a number of occasions had kept the disturbing visions at bay. The MKUltra head had suggested the shots of his mysterious cocktail not long after Grady was assigned to serve as one of Gottlieb’s bodyguards. Grady had been embarrassed to learn the man had been informed by his head shrinker of the flashbacks, but he assumed it was for the best. The alternative would probably have been to lose the assignment, or even his job with the agency.

As a bonus, the shot had given Grady a rush of pleasure he had never experienced before.

“I never got the chance to ask you before, but did anyone else in your family go to war and come back with a similar condition?” Gottlieb was approaching him now, filled syringe in hand. Grady couldn’t help but think of the whis...

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