Chapter 8: Trouble in a Bottle (1953) (1)
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Grady was in Sidney Gottlieb’s makeshift office, waiting for the program head to finish a phone call. He stood at military ease, arms behind his back, legs spread apart. The “office” was a bedroom in a two-story cabin the agency had rented for a retreat. Grady and a couple of his fellow grunts had lugged a heavy desk into the room, and Gottlieb had wasted no time moving in and getting to work.

Grady was standing near one of the room’s big windows. He could feel the November chill radiating through the panes. He was facing the scientist, but Grady wanted to look outside, to once again let himself gawk at the view. The cabin—which he heard one of Gottlieb’s pencil-necks call a “lodge”—was perched on the side of a hill overlooking Deep Creek Lake in Maryland. The...

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