Chapter 7: Back Home with Family (1973) (1)
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Angie let the Indian guide her through the blackness inside the cabin. She could hear Bob behind them, as he continued to grunt softly as he bore Steve’s weight across his shoulders. As her eyes adjusted, Angie saw sparse furnishings scattered around the cabin’s interior: some dry-rotted cabinets along the walls, most of them without doors; a metal bedframe with no mattress, its wire springs exposed; a table and some chairs. There were dead leaves on the floor, and vines curling through a broken window.

“You got her?” the Indian asked Bob.

“Yeah, go ahead,” the other man replied as he gripped her bicep. “She struggles, I crack her head against the wall.”

Holybear walked over to a sink below the cabinets. He reached behind the spigot, and Angie heard a...

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