Chapter 6: Death on a Mountaintop (1973) (2)
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Angie heard footsteps clumping and dragging from inside, as well as grunting. Then the Indian came through the door, pulling along the older man he and Bob had been abducting when she and Steve had had the misfortune of interrupting them. The man was shuffling, and it looked like the only reason he was on his feet was the dark-skinned man holding him up. His hands were tied behind his back. The gag was still in his mouth.

“First things first, Angela. It wouldn’t be a good idea for you to try and run away,” Bob said. “I want to assure you, you are truly in the middle of nowhere. You’d probably fall to your death, or get mauled by a bear in about a day. Or you might just get lost and starve.”

The bound man was staring at Angie, his eyes wide with terror. He almost...

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