Chapter 5: We the Paranoid (1997) (1)
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Grady lapsed into silence, pushed the stop button on the tape recorder. They cruised along for a while with just the sound of the engine and the whistling wind. The older man’s eyes were distant. He smiled and chuckled to himself, and seemed to forget Charles was there.

So this fucker has probably kidnapped a ton of people, Charles thought. Kidnapped and killed them.

Suddenly, Grady reached over and loosened the loop around his neck a bit more. Then the man gave him a gentle slap on the back of the neck. “How’s that, better?”

Charles was disturbed at how grateful he was to the man for that little gift of more slack. There was no way he was going to thank his captor for it. Instead, he just gave a tiny nod in reply, making a point of not looking a...

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