Chapter 4: No Appetite for Pain (1973) (3)
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“What if I moved to D.C. too?” Steve asked Angie.

She frowned at him, then actually laughed. He knew her well enough to know she wasn’t mocking him. It was just Angie, reacting to something they both knew was not going to happen. But the sound of it still cut into him.

“Come on, Steve,” she said. “You know you don’t want to live here. You love Waterbury.”

“I know that. I just wish you still did.”

Angie started to reply when movement caught Steve’s eye. He looked up and saw three suits walking past their table. One of them was pretty non-descript, just an average forgettable guy. The others were the drill sergeant and the Indian guy who had come in earlier. There was something about those two that made Steve&rsquo...

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