Chapter 4: No Appetite for Pain (1973) (2)
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Tom DeShields was getting ready to pay for his lunch and return to work when Grady and Holybear sat down across from him at his usual table. He’d been coming to The Tombs since he was a student at Georgetown. It was one of the few places where he could briefly ease his guilt, which seemed to be an ever-present black pit into which he could stumble at any moment. Here, he was able to bury his memories—albeit temporarily—under nostalgia, another equally useless but much more pleasant emotion.

But now, any other feelings surrounding this once safe haven were washed away by a cold flood of fear in his gut.

“Hey Tom, how ya doin’?” asked Grady, as he plucked an uneaten potato chip from the plate on the table, which also held the remains of Tom’s tuna san...

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