Chapter 3: Shut Down But Rollin’ On (1973)
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Grady stood on a street corner smoking, waiting for The Injun.

One thought kept surging through his head, over and over:

They can't stop me. They can't stop me. They can't stop me.

He shook his head and tossed away the butt he'd inhaled down to the filter, fished another cigarette from his pack and stuck it unlit between his lips. Then he started slowly pacing up and down the busy sidewalk.

It was lunchtime in Washington, DC. Though it was early May, Spring seemed to be already surrendering to Summer. The sun was glaring in a clear blue sky, and the day was already unseasonably warm. The only good thing about the unusual heat was the proliferation of broads in short skirts. Unfortunately, at that particular moment the streets were dominated by eager young male...

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