Chapter 2: Road Trip with the Devil (1997)
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Charles woke up to cool early Spring air whipping his face, a rocking sensation, smooth jazz, and the rumble of an engine. The left side of his head shot pain-lances into his brain to the rhythm of his heart. He opened his eyes carefully.

It was still night. He was in the passenger seat of a car cruising along a highway, probably I95. The street lights that flashed by overhead beamed needles of agony into his eyes. There seemed to be no other cars on the road in either direction. Darkness yawned beyond the concrete lip of the highway to his right, broken by the familiar lights of the city beyond.

Charles slowly moved his head to the left, his headache keeping a steady beat. Through the windshield was a huge expanse of hood, complete with a chrome ornament that winked in the streetlights. T...

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