Chapter 1: A Bad Night at Sanctum (1997) (2)
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Stacy was behind the bar. She stuck her tongue out at him, displaying a gem-headed stud. She wore a midnight-colored tank top that hugged her, a peek of flat stomach taunting him. Her hair was streaked with purple, and pulled into pigtails.

Charles' buddy Tom talked all the time about rumors regarding what Stacy liked to do to guys with that bar through her tongue.

"What's up?" he shouted over the unholy noise.

"Living the nightmare, baby," she tilted her head and flashed an exaggerated grin for a second, then laughed. Charles never heard a more intoxicating sound.

"I can see that! Gimme a Miller."

She made a "blech" sound and smirked. "Boring!"

Stacy handed him his beer and he slipped her some cash. He savore...

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