The Muse Strikes Allegra
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“Does Bill work?”

Now Sina looked really annoyed. “Of course, he works. He’s an orderly at Roseland.”

Allegra winced. Sina noticed. “Yeah, they’re not too picky.”

She looked at Allegra earnestly. “They’re good people Allegra. They just need a break, just like Great-grandpa Joe did.”

Allegra could hear Ginevra snort. “Giuseppe would have liked this one,” she said, “even if she’s no kin of his.”

“I know,” Allegra said, not sure which comment she was responding to. “We’ll figure something out,” she said.

“Thanks,” Sina said happily and left.

“This will not end well,” Ginevra predicted gloomily.

Allegra didn’t answer. Her story...

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Table of Contents

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