Sina Introduces Her New Colleagues (2)
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said, still wondering what Amira and her brother were doing there.

“Show her the bracelet,” Sina said, somewhat bossily, and the other girl meekly held out her arm to display the cuff that circled her slender wrist. Allegra took Amira’s hand and gently pulled it toward her for a closer look. The bracelet was a bold latticework of hammered metal with tiny faceted garnet beads captured like sparkling fish in a net.

“Nabil designed and made that,” Sina said, blithely ignoring his request that she use his Americanized name.

“It’s a beautiful piece, Bill,” Allegra said, somewhat baffled by her sister’s show and tell.

“Thank you,” he said softly

“I told you she would like it,” Sina said to Nabil, then turned back to A...

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