What is She Thinking?
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So, what should I tell my people?” Wisnicki asked, pulling Allegra out of her reverie.

“Tell them you’re looking into it,” she said, ignoring his scowl. I’ll talk to Mariella this afternoon, see if I can find out what’s going on.”

“You think she’ll be straight with you?” the foreman asked. It was pretty common knowledge that the second Mrs. Zangari held the whip hand at the company because Enzo had died without a will. By Illinois law, Mariella had inherited half of everything and Julia, Sina, and Allegra had split the other half.

Even with Sina on her side in a power struggle; even in the unlikely event that Julia would join her as well, Allegra knew she didn’t have much leverage if she wanted to mount any sort of coup against her...

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