VV-Chapter 6
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     The tea kettle whistled, and told us the tea water was ready.  I went on, and got it, and poured our tea in the fancy china tea cups she had set out for us in the kitchen.  I brought it all out on the tray it was all sitting on, and laid it on the coffee table in front of us.  I handed her a tea cup and she sipped it slowly, seeming to savor every sip.  She swallowed hard and continued.

     “I put a lot of security in being in the orchestra.  I felt like I was a step higher, oh, not higher than anyone else, in an arrogant way, just higher in safety.  The German SS needed us orchestra people to make a good first impression of the camp, of the illusion.  I lived for the sound of the bow across the strings, and t...

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