VV-Chapter 2 (2)
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out of that, and opened a new Google search.  This time, I put in her name, town, and country.  What came up almost made me faint.  There was a list of 3 places she lived since that reunion in the 1980’s.  The first place was New York, the second, North Carolina, the third was in Oklahoma.  These could be in time order, but maybe not.  Who knows?  She could have been in Oklahoma first, then New York, then…my endless possibilities almost gave me a migraine.  This may not even be her.  She might be the first one I looked up, or like many ordinary people in the world, there’s no internet record of her at all except that notation at Auschwitz.  I reminded myself of my promise to find her, took a deep breath, and opened Google back up for another search.


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