VV-Chapter 1 (1)
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     It was cold, dark, and muddy.  The mud felt like it went all the way up to the ankles.  They were already running too fast, but the Kommander yelled for them to go even faster.  Bright, huge lights shone down on them, illuminating everything, especially the smoke coming from the crematorium.

     She was so tired, so tired, but to slow down, or stop, meant asking to be shot right there, right then.  Her feet were numb, the rest of her even more numb.  Just when she couldn’t run another step, she found enough strength to do it, then the next one, then the next one, and the next one.  That’s how she kept running, even though exhaustion took a hold of her long ago.  Other men and women dropped to the ground, dead, or dying...

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