A Violin's Voice-Intro
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     This is dedicated to the 6 million Jews that perished in the Holocaust, some of them my ancestors, who were Polish Jews, who couldn't get out in time.  They died in the unimaginable horror Hitler carried out on 6 million innocent men, women, and children.  We will not forget!

     To the lady I saw on the train boxcar, in the Holocaust Museum, in Washington, DC, some 20 years ago.  Clara, I already wrote your story, so I will let that stand on its own.  But, I still dedicate this story to you.  I haven't forgotten your ghost face, that I saw as clearly as any face I see now, your big, round eyes staring right into mine, staring right into my soul.  Yours will be one of the first faces I seek out when I get to Heav...

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