HC-Chapter 3
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     I looked at him quizzically, and I heard him swallow hard.

     “I got into the hitman business, because I needed money…bad.  Collectors were about to take our house, so I was talking, venting, to a co-worker, at the office I was working at.  He pulled me into a little, empty room, shut the doors, checked under the tables, and behind curtains, and office equipment.  Then, he swore me to secrecy, or his boss would kill me, seriously kill me with a gun.  He told me he was a hitman, on the side, and even though he hated taking a life, or lives, the money was wonderful.  He hardly had to worry about money anymore.  He told me he could arrange a meeting, with his boss, but we’d have to meet somewhere, and I’d have to b...

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