RO-Chapter 3
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By the time I crawled into bed, next to a snoring Jayc, I had no more answers than I did three hours ago, when she went to bed.

     I did run into some very interesting stuff way up the diary count, from 2005, that was directed to Camilla, now the Duchess of Cornwall, Charles’ longtime love.  Alice was livid about Charles’ second marriage, but didn’t threaten Camilla on paper, like she did with Diana.  The anger was there, and it seemed like the stalking was, too, but there were no threats to read about that were on paper, no long rants, just her longing for Charles, and her not understanding why he still hadn’t come to her.  She did write on April 9, 2005, that she had flown to London a few days before, was in the crowd, waiting for the royal celebr...

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