DT-Chapter 2
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     My mouth, heart, and lungs, everything fell into my feet.  My heart started to race, and as much as I thought he was a delusional, dying man, a total whack job, something in his eyes said he was telling me the absolute truth.  I mean, why would he lie?  He was on death’s door.  And to lie about this kind of thing?  He was telling me the truth.  Maybe.  Even though I was still skeptical, I got shivers everywhere, and I thought I might throw up.  I swallowed the huge lump in my throat, that threatened to bring up my lunch, and took a deep breath.  Okay, this had to be a joke, right?  A Candid Camera thing, a Punk’d thing?  Where was the camera hidden?  But…watching this old man trying to just breathe, and struggl...

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