TMIAB-Chapter 2 (2)
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get rid of the evidence of my crime.  Fannie Lafferty, April 14, 1912.”

     When I finished reading, I walked over to the couch and collapsed.  Oh, my God!  It couldn’t be true!  Yet, this confession was dated and written on Titanic stationery.  I sighed heavily, laid my head back, and closed my eyes.

     “Coffee?” Tessa asked.

     “Oh, yeah.  I wish I had some whiskey.  I could handle a swig about now.”

     “What do we do about this?”

     “I’m not sure,” I sighed again.  “This is just weird.  I would think it was a hoax of some kind, but the bottle is genuine, and the letter is written on authentic Titani...

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