AFA-Chapter 3 (1)
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     Janie’s tiny, withered hand held mine tightly as we both went back into the bedroom where her Addy lay.  The room smelled like death, and I knew it wouldn't be much longer now.  I had to talk to him as fast as I could so I wouldn't run out of time with him.  I knew he had something to say to the world, and I hoped I'd get the chance to hear it, and write it down, before he totally slipped away.  The clock was ticking really fast towards his countdown to the end, and I would be there for the big finale of Adolph Hitler.

     I sat back down in the chair by his bed.  Janie sat on the edge of his bed, taking his weak hand in hers.  Hitler opened his eyes and managed a smile to her.  Even as he was dying, and s...

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