AFA-Chapter 2 (3)
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all over the place in his thoughts.  He was closer to dying than anyone suspected, even him, and maybe that was a good thing that he wouldn’t know.  Hopefully, he’d just keep talking till the end.


     “All my old friends, Heinrich Himmler, Edwin Metts, Lenny Reivanschtall, Heidovich, Spear, Heinrich Hoffman, Dr. Morelle, Garde Christian, Max Ammon, the Bormans, The Goebbells.  Such good friends, the best people to have around me.  They’re all dead now.  I loved my dogs, Blondi, and another one I don’t remember the name of now.”

     "What about Stalin?  Wasn't he a friend of yours?"

     "I needed Stalin.  He was never a friend.  I hated him as much as...

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