A Fuhrer's Apology--Chapter 1 (1)
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     The really bad thunderstorms started right before we got out of our adoption support group.  It rained all the way home, and since I left my umbrella right inside my front door, I got soaked to the bone in a downpour, from the street in front of my apartment, to the front door.  When I got to my door, I heard the phone ringing inside.  My hands were wet, and it was hard to get the key in the hole to unlock it.  Drying my hands on my clothes wasn’t an option.  Finally, right when I got in the door, the ringing stopped.  UUUUUUUGH!!  Isn’t that always the way!  They’d have to wait for me to check the caller ID, and I wasn’t doing that until I got myself settled.  I dropped everything, dripping wet, right there inside the door,...

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