Arrested by Love – Chapter 29
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He was a class-A asshole.

He knew it, Stetson knew it, hell, Declan probably knew it and was just too nice to say so.

And now Abby knew it.

Oh, she probably had her inklings, considering the fact that he’d once punched her father and laid him out flat on the ground, and because he’d spent seven weeks in her close company because of charges of assault and battery.

But somehow, she’d overlooked all of that. Somehow, she hadn’t seemed to notice, or at least hold it against him.

But not now. There was no way that she missed this fact now.

It’d been three days since her announcement. Three days of hell. Only one day of working with the kids out at Adam’s place, and all anyone seemed to want to know was where was Abby? The little brown-haired...

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