Arrested by Love – Chapter 27
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The next morning found Wyatt in the shop, working on random shit. He was mostly cleaning up. Months of neglect meant a whole lot of spider webs, and he didn’t really have the concentration to do anything too strenuous, anyway.

The only thing his brain wanted to focus on was that kiss.

Well, and her reaction afterward. Why did she take off like that? Was he scaring her by wanting too much too quickly?

He mindlessly shoved wrenches and screwdrivers into the drawers of his toolbox as he replayed the conversation in his head. He had no idea what caused her to bolt like that. She knew he had a daughter. She knew Sierra had died in that car wreck at the hands of that bastard who couldn’t figure out when enough was enough.

So why that reaction?

He broke from his memories...

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