Arrested by Love – Chapter 24
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When she’d riled herself up last night about going out with Wyatt on their non-date date, she’d imagined a lot of scenarios playing out in her head, anywhere from just hanging out as friends to him sweeping her off her feet and finding a hayloft to make love to her in. Granted, that was a far-fetched one but it was her daydreams, dammit, and thus in them, she could make love to Wyatt without her father going into nuclear meltdown over it.

The one scenario she hadn’t imagined? A morose Wyatt barking at her.

At first, she couldn’t fathom what was going on. He’d been so totally different the night they ate dinner together, and that had just been a week ago. He’d obviously wanted to be around her, because he asked her to come with him today. So why was he snapping...

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