Arrested by Love – Chapter 22
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Abby walked down the jail cell block to get to the supply room in the back. She needed to put replacement batteries in all of the smoke detectors every other month, per county law, and so they kept a huge tub of them in the back supply closet.

As she passed Wyatt’s cell, her heart hurt a little. It was stupid. She was so happy for him; so glad that he’d gotten out and was a free man, relatively speaking. Sure, he had to put in his community service hours, which thankfully Vet Whitaker had agreed to be the sponsor for, but that and some counseling were light years ahead of being locked up behind bars.

So she was happy for Wyatt, she really was. It was a good thing, having him out and free again and moving on with his life.

She began pulling batteries out of the tub, count...

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