Arrested by Love – Chapter 20
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After Abby picked the tomatoes off her salad and forced herself to eat every last one of them as if they were the most delicious thing she’d ever tasted, mock-glaring at Wyatt all the while, they began to chat about their childhoods. It was surprising to Abby to hear the similarities in their past; they had both lost their moms, and their dads…

Well, Abby got along better with her father than Wyatt had with his, but listening to him talk about his dad, there was still pride and love in his voice. They may’ve knocked heads over things, but there was still love there.

“Abby, I haven’t ever told you about that night in the bar.”

She shot him a wide-eyed look, surprised. She hadn’t realized that he went out drinking, not after…

“No, not af...

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