Arrested by Love – Chapter 19
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He put Abby’s groceries into the backseat of her Toyota Corolla and then hopped in his truck to follow her to her house. Now that he thought about it, he wasn’t quite sure where she lived. Surely not at home with her father, right? Because that would just about make for the most awkward dinner of his life.

Thankfully, she pulled up to the old Brightbart’s place instead. He was surprised. He hadn’t realized that the Brightbarts’ children had sold it after Mr. Brightbart passed away last year.

“When did you buy this?” he asked as he helped her pack her groceries in, Maggie Mae settling down onto patio cushions on the front porch with a happy sigh.

“Oh, I haven’t. Just renting,” she said, unlocking her front door and flipping on the lights. L...

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