Arrested by Love – Chapter 17
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He walked into the dark house, not bothering to unlock the front door – he hadn’t locked it before he’d left that day for the store, and sure enough, no one else had bothered to come along and lock it for him while he’d been in jail.

Even before his hand could find the light switch and turn on the lights, though, his nose was telling him about something else that no one had bothered to do while he was gone: Empty the trash. The stench was overwhelming, almost to the point of making him instantly nauseous, and Maggie whined, immediately did a U-turn, and scratched at the door to be let out.

Wyatt chuckled. He couldn’t say as he could blame her. He opened the door and she shot back outside, into the darkness and away from the stench. He smiled for a moment into the Ja...

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