Arrested by Love – Chapter 11
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“Do you remember that? I didn’t think Mom would let me live to the ripe old age of 12 after that stunt.” Wyatt grinned at Declan, happy for a moment at the memory. Those were truly the “good ol’ days.” It was before their mom had passed away. It was before their dad had decided to give the whole Miller legacy to the youngest sibling in the family, instead of to the oldest like he should have.

It was before a lot of the shit went down between him and Stetson.

“At least you could walk after Dad’s paddling. I never thought I’d walk again after he found out I’d brought all of my frogs into Mrs. Westingsmith’s room and let them go. I tried to tell him it wasn’t on purpose but he paddled me anyway.” Declan shrugged with a sorry-not-sor...

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