Arrested by Love – Chapter 9
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Ooowwww oooowwww ooowwwww…

Wyatt heard Maggie Mae’s distinctive howl just as he heard nails scrambling on the concrete floor and he jackknifed up, his heart pounding. Surely, surely, they weren’t letting Maggie into the jail. That just wasn’t something Sheriff Connelly would allow.

But Maggie came scrambling into view, her legs going every which way on the concrete as she tried to launch herself through the bars at Wyatt.

Ooowwww oooowwww ooowwwww…She howled with delight, shoving her head through the bars, her tail wagging so fast, her hind legs kept falling over. She was literally quivering with delight.

He launched himself at the bars, letting her tongue lap at his face, wrapping his arms around her through the bars, hating the cold steel in the wa...

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