Arrested by Love – Chapter 3
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Good hell, I feel horrible.

He was sick and felt like he’d lost a fight with a grizzly bear, and to top it all off, he was dreaming about his brother Stetson yelling at him to wake up. If there was one way to ruin a day from the start, it was to deal with his sniveling little brother in his dreams. The snotty little bastard couldn’t even leave him alone when he was trying to sleep.

Finally, his brain made the connection that Stetson wasn’t in his dream, but actually was yelling for him to wake up.

His eyes finally opened and dear God, it was bright. His head roared in protest. What the hell had he done to himself?

He didn’t recognize the room. He could hear Declan and Stetson arguing about something and he didn’t care what it was about. All he c...

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