Arrested by Love – Chapter 1
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November, 2016

Wyatt Miller wandered down the snack aisle of the Mr. Petrol’s at 11:30 at night. Nothing like trying to find dinner in the aisles of a convenience store. Did onion rings and beef jerky count as a balanced diet? He could consider the onion rings to be his vegetables, and the beef jerky to be his protein.

He grimaced. Some days, living in a small town really sucked, like when grocery stores prided themselves on being “open late” – all the way until nine at night.

He pulled Lay’s Salt & Vinegar off the display.

Look, more vegetables.

He wasn’t sure a dietician would approve, but then again, there was almost nothing in this convenience store that a dietician would approve of. He really should just drive to F...

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Table of Contents

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