Blizzard of Love – Chapter 16
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Jennifer slid the key into the lock for the business and swung the front door open wide. “C’mon in,” she said, gesturing with her hand to the office space in front of her, her stomach leading the way into the office. Jenn had somehow made swallowing a basketball look amazing. “It’s a little brisk in here, but I haven’t had the heat turned over into my name yet, so I can’t turn it on. You’ll just have to imagine it being warmer in here.”

Bonnie smiled at her, forcing happiness into it, walking into the office. It was the end of another all-too-short weekend in Long Valley, and honestly, Bonnie was having a hard time concentrating on what Jennifer was saying. She just couldn’t get her mind to look past the fact that she was about to say goodbye to Luke.<...

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