Blizzard of Love – Chapter 13
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Bonnie squealed in triumph as she laid down her four 2’s, and everyone burst out laughing, even Stetson.

“Are you sure you’re not sandbagging me?” Stetson asked with a wry grin as he gathered up the cards.

Jennifer took the opportunity to stand up and stretch, and light a few more candles. The snow was still continuing to fall outside, and it was growing dark earlier than normal. Luke unfolded his long legs and moved over to the fire to add a few more logs.

Bonnie simply shrugged at Stetson’s question and grinned. “Sometimes, a girl’s got the touch,” she said, wiggling her fingers at Stetson. He laughed.

The Christmas music stopped playing – the tape must’ve ended – and just as Stetson opened his mouth to reply, the lights turn...

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